About Us


About us

We aren’t your typical agency…Forged from sacrifice and hard work, International Sports Agency is recognized as one of the industry leaders in athlete management. But it didn’t start out that way. ISA was formed in 2001 out of a humble college apartment in Ada, Ohio by CEO Bardia Ghahremani. After being approached by numerous players on the football team to help further their careers, Ghahremani the 2nd year law student decided that this was a path he was destined to travel. Literally starting from scratch, he established his own network of industry contacts and was able to place his first client into the NFL by 2002.  During this time Bardia approached his college fraternity brother and good friend Steve Kaufman to join him in building the fledgling agency.  Without hesitation Steve agreed and has continued to help the agency evolve into one of the strongest representation firms in the industry.  ISA’s next milestone occurred when we saw our first client selected in the 5th round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers. It was moments like these that elevated our agency to where we are today.

Proudly the majority of our clients have gone on to have great success under our guidance. By coming up the ranks from the bottom up, it has provided ISA with the industry knowledge to properly navigate any caliber of athlete from a top draft prospect to an undrafted free agent.

Currently, ISA has grown into a staff of eight managing four major sports divisions that represent some of the most talented athletes in their respective fields. We have our home office in Orange County, CA along with satellite offices in Rochester, NY, Houston, TX and Miami FL.  Though we have evolved, expanded and learned along the way…our mission remains the same: We are dedicated to helping athletes transition from amateur to professional, build wealth and start the process of post-career planning. When a client signs with ISA, they are entering a relationship based on trust, respect, transparency, loyalty and family. This is your journey, your agency…Welcome home.